Matthias, is a 9 year old boy from Germany, who aspires to become a Formula 1 driver when he’ll grow up. His favourite toy is a race car miniature, which follows him wherever he goes, providing unmeasurable hours of fun and joy. He and his family visit Greece every summer and are in love with the culture and the beautiful sceneries across the country. 

On their last visit, Matthias and his family visited Crete, one of the most beautiful greek islands and spent 10 days exploring the local traditions and folkways. Unfortunately, while boarding on their plane to fly back to Germany, Matthias realised his favourite toy was not in his bag and it was nowhere to be found. He was heartbroken… His parents contacted with the hospitality management of the hotel ,reporting the missing item, however the race car was still missing. His father tried to buy him a new one, but Matthias refused taking it and was even set to give up on his dreams to become a race driver!

The hospitality manager, Mr Papageorgiou, found the missing toy car after 4 days and contacted with the family, who demanded him to return it as soon as possible. Being mid-August, the manager knew it would take at least 10 days and major costs to return the item back to Matthias, which would dissatisfy his clients… Then he approached Deliverback! Matthias family placed the order on our website and we got to work!

Deliverback’s fast and efficient cloud service was able to return the toy to Matthias in just 1 day and Matthias was thrilled! In fact, Deliverback’s team was touched by little Matthias’s story and we decided to surprise him with VIP tickets to go watch with his family the next F1 Grand Prix and meet his idols! The family was so satisfied by the outcome of the situation, which led them to book their next holidays in the same hotel!

When we asked the hotel manager to provide us with feedback, he said: “ I’ve been in the industry for 40 years and Lost and Found was always a headache for me and my team to deal with. Deliverback makes our job so much easier and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with them!”.