Are you looking for the best way to get back your lost item from Ellinair?

DeliverBack works with the best airlines in the world, to help every traveler
get their lost item back faster.
So if you wonder how do I get my lost item back, you are in the right place!

Delivery of lost item from airplanes might be a time-consuming process, that is why
at deliverback we automate it and allowing travelers to get back their lost items such as
laptops, tablets, luggage, suitcases, keys, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. in a couple of days depending on the location.

Here is how the process of getting back your forgotten item works:

  1. You fill the form of deliverback declaring exactly what you lost and where do you want us to deliver it
  2. DeliverBack contacts the airline company to confirm that the item that you specified has been found from the airplane
  3. After confirming that your item is ready to be shipped, we send you an email to pay
  4. Once the payment is confirmed, DeliverBack sends the courier in the company’s headquarters to get your item!

For any issues and questions that you might have regarding the procedure mentioned above, feel free to contact our support directly by email at

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Other questions regarding your lost item:

Do ferries ship the lost items back to their owners?

Yes. Normally in the process, there are multiple parties involved such as the courier that will transfer the item.

Is there a specific policy or procedure for the lost and found at Ellinair?

Every company has specific procedures and processes.
At Deliverback once you request a specific item, we will directly contact Ellinair.
The only thing that you have to do is to add your contact and location details so that we can deliver your item back!

I forgot my laptop in a route of Ellinair. Can I get it back in 1-2 days?

The duration depends a lot on your desired destination. Normally DeliverBack can deliver lost items back in 2-3 days.

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