George is a 30 year old entrepreneur, based in Netherlands, who recently created his own startup in the cybersecurity industry. His company experienced major growth the past few months, which draw the attention of numerous investors and venture capitalists from all around the world. Last month, George and his team organised a business weekend in a luxurious and prestigious hotel in Athens to present their company and future planning to a group of investors and fortunately, were able to reach a deal.

After the presentation and the after-party, George received an important business call and had to leave on a rush to return to his company’s headquarters. While on board, he reached to his backpack to find his USB stick, which contained crucial business data that were necessary for him to solve his company’s problem, but it was nowhere to be found… He was FRUSTRATED! He was 10,000 feet in the air with no signal and his coworkers, who had the USB, could not fly back sooner than 2 days later…

A nearby passenger, who had a similar experience in the past, was able to observe George’s  disappointment and advised him to visit Deliverback’s website and check if the hotel was using its service. In George’s good favour, Deliverback was in charge of the Lost & Found service in the hotel! He placed the ordered and his partners gave the USB stick to the hotel reception, which was later picked up by the shipping company and was on its way to the airport.

Finally, the USB stick was delivered to George’s office 7 hours after he landed in Netherlands; just in time so he and his team could solve their company’s crisis! After the incident, George contacted with us and said: “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For a second, I thought my life’s work would go to waste! I don’t know what I would do, if it was not for you! From this moment, every time I’ll book hotels, I will first check if they are working with Deliverback!”.