We are listening!

Last week Deliverback asked 400 of the hotels it works with for their feedback and opinion. We’re always working to make Deliverback better meet the needs of your hotel. To do this we asked for your feedback. To shed some light on the things we are doing well and, more importantly, on our weaknesses.

In addition, our team is busy working on new projects for Deliverback, to help us prioritize what to build, we asked you to take some time and give us your input on what’s missing.

So here are the results:

The most stunning conclusion was the importance of Guest reviews, and how we need to steer Deliverback into a direction that will generate more positive guest Reviews for the hotels using our service.

We understand the importance of a positive guest review. It has now become OUR mission to provide more of them, for our hotels.
This feedback came overwhelmingly by senior management. 42% where GMs & owners, and 32,50% where Rooms Division & Front Office managers.
Speed was also at the core of our value proposition. The single most important problem we helped our partner hotels solve was speed! We help save time.

Everyone involved is saving time, from Housekeeping and Guest relations to his majesty the almighty Guest! Roger that. We’ll focus more onthis moving forward.

Finally, we asked you to rate us. We understand we are not perfect. But we try hard. Thank you for appreciating all the hard work happening on our end to serve your guests. 4,6 /5 makes us proud. It also makes us think about ways we can improve.

Thank you for your feedback.

Deliverback Team