Lost and found claim process for customer-centric Airports

We help airports create a unique experience for travelers when retrieving lost items. From claim & shipment to payment collection, Deliverback streamlines and unifies the process using automation.

Customers and Partners

Airports that trust Deliverback for their lost and found management and shipping processes

Here is how Deliverback helps airports

Find below the 6 steps of Deliverback

Using a simple claim process travelers can add their contact details and describe the item(s) they lost.

Our process supports variations of item categories and custom fields that can be added in order to collect passenger information and verify their lost items


Passengers receive an email with all the information for their claim and a unique Claim Case number.

The claim case number can be used for all the further communication with the airport and Deliverback during the process.

By submitting a claim, the passengers authorise Deliverback to initiate the lost item search process on their behalf.

Your team registers all the lost items provides details about where those items have been found and adds a photo of them.

Each item gets a unique number and a description that will help with the verification process at a later stage.

Once a match between a found item and a claimed item happens, a passenger receives an email to pay for the shipment to get their lost item back.

Passengers will click the link on their email, are redirected to the shipment form, add their address, and pay for the shipment cost (shipments are handled by international carriers including UPS/DHL/Fedex).

Additional options such as item insurance are also offered by Deliverback.


and finally...

Once the shipment is paid by the passenger, A partner of Deliverback will pick up the item, pack it properly and ship it back to the passenger