Deliverback wins first place in the 5th Cycle of CapsuleT Acceleration Program

Deliverback was delighted to participate in the 5th Cycle of the CapsuleT Acceleration Programme, which was completed on Wednesday 8 February 2023.

The winning team of this year’s Program was Deliverback!

The 8 teams that successfully completed the 5-month Acceleration Program are, in alphabetical order: Cellarhopping, Deliverback, Estbnb, Inteligg, Kalimera, Orbito Travel, Star Sleep, Workntour. 

Deliverback wins first prize

Deliverback won first place and the prize money of €10,000, while in 2nd place was ORBITO TRAVEL, receiving the amount of €5,000 and, finally, the 3rd prize of €3,000 went to CELLARHOPPING. 

The evaluation process

The teams that completed the 5-month CapsuleT program were evaluated after their final presentation, with the scores being submitted by the Programme Evaluation and Mentoring Jury.

Deliverback achieved to stand out both for its innovation and business maturity as well as for the potential of its services. At the same time, a key criterion in determining the winner was the significant progress our company has made over the 5 months of our participation in CapsuleT

The prizes

In addition to the price money, The People’s Trust, with its generous sponsorship, also offered other remarkable prizes:

– Programize is offering the top 3 teams consulting on product development, while we will also gain access to development services at a preferential price.

– Nelios is offering Deliverback free digital marketing services. 

Event highlights

Keynote speech by the Chairman of the Special Permanent Committee on Research and Technology of the Hellenic Parliament

During his important speech, Mr. Tarantilis mentioned that “the technology ecosystem in Greece has been awakened. It is our job to stand next to the people, and to constantly try to expand it. This will be our greatest success”.

“All the experience and practices when starting from such a targeted accelerator, the time needed to do the validation and proof of concept is at least half. CapsuleT is useful because it specializes in a specific area.” 

President’s  of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels opening speech

Mr. Alexandros Vassilikos expressed his gratitude to the state, the sponsors and the judges/mentors of the Acceleration Program for their valuable support and their time, as well as to the participating startups for their hard work. He pointed out the fact that “we must succeed in opening up horizons, changing the way we think.

It is equally important to give opportunities to young people who want to create and at the same time train hotel owners to change the way they have learned to work. It is through this that value is created. Hotel owners and startups together will lead the way.” 

The Director of CapsuleT

Ms. Katerina Saridaki, Director of CapsuleT, expressed her gratitude to both strategic partners and sponsors and congratulated all the participating teams that successfully completed this year’s Program.

Among others, she said: “Thank you once again to our supporters. The strategic partners, the mentors, the sponsors who dedicate a lot of time to all of this, and the Jury. They are 7 wonderful people.” 

Deputy Minister for Research and Technology

Dr. Christos Dimas congratulated the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels for the work of CapsuleT, stressing that “it is a special initiative in the hospitality sector, which from the government’s point of view, we support in every way. It is an initiative that tends to become permanent, and we want to see it grow more and more.

I congratulate CapsuleT, as well as the whole panel of experts who evaluate the startups and of course all the startups that are participating and we believe they will have more things to announce in the future.” 

Speech by the GNTO Secretary General

Mr. Dimitris Fragakis pointed out that “if environmental and social sustainability is the first pillar of Greek tourism’s future, the second one is innovation and digitalization.

I had a very important experience in this area of innovation through CapsuleT, when in 2021, in London, for the first time, GNTO hosted startup businesses at its pavilion. I remember how huge the turnout was and how much enthusiasm we received from foreigners.

It’s not just that we are presenting some start-ups abroad, it’s mainly because we are changing the game as a country as a whole with this effort. Everyone knows our potential in tourism. But niche tourism startups show what we can do even in a sector we don’t own that much yet.” 

Greeting from Google’s Marketing Director for Southeast Europe

Ms. Maria Founta in her speech highlighted the fact that “We have been working closely with CapsuleT since 2019 not only as a sponsor but also by providing advice, expertise, mentoring and we are happy for the excellent journey and the whole development. It’s a pleasure to be part of it all.” 

CapsuleT was a journey full of knowledge and remarkable people for Deliverback

We couldn’t be more excited for our participation in the 5th Cycle of CapsuleT. Not only because of our win, but also for all the knowledge and experience we gained, the opportunity we had through dialogue and workshops to better understand our strategic strengths and any weak points.

And all this, thanks to our amazing mentors!

Now we are more ready than ever and we invite you to join us in proving to everyone that the art of hospitality does not stop at check-out.

Deliver the Love:

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