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Stop losing time managing the lost items of your guests. Offer great guest experience with zero cost.

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Deliverback works in 3 simple steps.

Why hotels use Deliverback?

Some of the reasons why Hotels ❤️ Deliverback

  • Save time

  • Be GDPR Compliant

  • Improve Hotel Ratings

  • 0€ cost and immediate implementation

  • 24/7 support to your guests

  • A great experience for your guests

  • Offer item's insurance and order tracking

  • Social media coverage

    • 1A guest realises he lost something

      Well you know how it starts. You get an email or a phone call from a guest that forgot a mobile phone a laptop or anything (really)
    • 2You forward Deliverback.com to your guest

      If you found the item, you just have to forward our website (Deliverback.com) to your guests
    • 3The guest will visit Deliverback and will complete the order

      Your guest will fill in their personal details and will complete the payment for the shipment
    • 4We will pick up the item from your hotel

      Once your guest pays, Deliverback will send you the voucher (so that you can print it and place it in the package) and our partners will pick up the item
    • 5Item is Delivered back!

      Well that's it. You only share Deliverback.com with your guest and we handle the rest!

    Companies offering an amazing lost and found experience to their guests use Deliverback.

    We have partnered with hotels, Airport and Car rentals all over the world to cover every traveller! 

    If you run a business and want to streamline your lost and found management you can register on Deliverback!

    Ready to take your lost and found process to the next level?