How Hotels easily handle Lost and Found items with Deliverback

Lost and found procedures can become a complicated task for hotels, especially without the help of an online delivery service, like Deliverback.

Nevertheless, it’s mandatory for a hotel to maintain a clear and effective strategy to manage lost and found items, because it seems that the people who forget things (even valuable objects) are quite a lot!

As a matter of fact, according to a survey by G6 Hospitality, 54% of participants admit they have left something behind in their hotel room.

Hotel lost and found procedures without Deliverback

It all starts when a member of your staff finds an item that has been left behind by a guest in a room or in the public area. All they have to do is place the item in the designated area for missing objects and notify the Hotel manager or the person who is responsible for the lost and found items.

This far, the process is simple, although there are certain challenges related to the safety, register and classification of lost and found objects, that we are going to examine in a different blog post.

Once you found the item, you should contact the guest, in order to inform them (just imagine their relief!) and ask them to provide you with all the information needed to send the item back to them.

There are a lot of difficulties in this process, because there are many different countries and states that require different documents for shipping, and it gets complicated when you’re dealing with international travelers who don’t speak your language. Of course, instead of wasting valuable time trying to make all the arrangements with your guest, you can easily just let Deliverback get the job done for you.

The next challenge is to find a trustworthy courier company to ship your lost and found item fast and safely.

After shipping is arranged, it’s very likely that some impatient guests will be contacting the hotel, even multiple times, to ask about the process and the delivery date. And in case of delays or any kind of dissatisfaction regarding the courier company’s services, this negative experience will also affect your hotel.

That’s why Deliverback only works with the best courier companies to deliver our clients’ lost and found items.

How Deliverback deals with your hotel’s lost and found items

Deliverback is an online service that delivers items forgotten at hotels, back to their owners. It’s a cloud-based service, designed to provide a fully automated process that:

  • will save you valuable time by simplifying your lost and found procedures,
  • will save you money from storage, shipping, work time etc. and
  • will let you offer your guests an unparalleled experience.

With Deliverback, the only thing you have to do in case of lost and found items is send your guest a link where they can fill the form with all the information needed to ship the item. Once they fill the form, they pay for delivery and receive a link to track their order.

Throughout this whole process, we offer your guests 24/7 support, so practically your job ends when you find the lost item and the rest is on us.

To conclude: why Hotels love Deliverback

Well, there are plenty of reasons why hotel owners trust Deliverback, but we will try to fit them all in one sentence: Deliverback lost and found system lets hotels offer their guests an unmatched experience and gain their trust and loyalty, at zero cost.

If you would like to learn more about how Deliverback works, please visit our website and book a call with our amazing team!

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