Lost and found 

Aktion Airport (PVK)

Looking for the best way to get your lost item from Aktion Airport?

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  • Step 1Claim processing

    Our experienced team will check your claim and will start checking all the required information. In case we need additional details we will contact you
  • Step 2Contact the Lost and found department

    One of our support agents will contact the local lost and found department in order to start the research of your lost item. We will provide all the required information to check if your item is available
  • Step 3Contact over email

    In case additional information and authorisation is required, we will ask you to send emails to the local police department of the airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below some of the frequently asked questions to learn more about the process of Deliverback for Airport
1How do I recover a lost item left at the Aktion Airport?
The first thing you have to do is submit the claim form on the top of this page. After that the support team of Deliverback will process your claim and will notify you if additional informations are required.
2How do I contact the lost and found department of Aktion Airport
You can contact Deliverback for any questions regarding the lost and found. The phone number for questions is +30 2108907000. You can send us an email at [email protected] as well.
3How long does it take for lost baggage to be found at Aktion Airport?
Almost 80% of the lost luggage is found in 1-3 days. For questions around lost and found luggage
4How can you verify that the lost item actually belongs to me?
Our support team and the police department of the Athens international airport will verify the ownership of your lost item