Your claim request has been submitted 🎉

Thank you for using Deliverback!

We have received your claim request and our support team will start processing your request soon. We know how it feels to lose one of your personal items (we have been there) and we are here to help and support you during the process of finding your lost item.
Wondering what will happen next?
  • One of our agents will soon start processing your claim. In case we need additional details we will contact you
  • Our support team will contact the local police department to check if your lost item is already found
  • If the police department requests additional details or authorization, we will let you know (sometimes the police department might request the serial number of a lost device, details about your item, or identification details to ensure that the lost item belongs to you)
  • Finally, once we confirm that the item belongs to you, we will share with you our return form to complete the process of the return.

More questions? Check our FAQ section below

1How fast can Deliverback find my item and return it back?
The process of finding your lost item typically takes 1-3 days. After that, our support team will ask you to fill in your personal details and your address in order to calculate the shipping cost as well as the expected delivery time. For shipments in Europe and the US the estimated time for shipments is typically between 3-7. days
2I am still in Greece. Can you send me my item in the hotel I currently stay?
Sure, you can provide your current address and we will be able to send you your lost item directly to your location