Airport Claims - Terms and Conditions

Description of the process:

An airport claim is a process used by Deliverback to register all the required details by the guest in order to move forward with the search for the lost item.


Search item process:

The search item process involves emails and phone calls by Deliverback to the local police department, Airport handler all 


Claim process fee:

The fee for the search service is 15 euros and includes all the steps required by Deliverback in order to provide the services.


Items with Low value

Police departments, due to storage issues and limited space in the airport departments do not always keep the low-value items. Thus a client that might requested to pay for a search fee in order for Deliverback to search their item, might not get their item. To avoid this case of paying without getting value from the service, Deliverback in the claim form already states that items with low value might not be stored by the police