Airport Claims - Terms and Conditions

Last update: 19/06/2023

I. Submission of a claim request 

1. By submitting a claim request, you activate the Service as a User and instruct the Deliverback Company to start the process of finding your item. 

2. The Deliverback company will proceed to record your required information in order to proceed with the search for the item.

3. This data includes at least the characteristics of the object, place and time of loss as well as personal data such as your name, email and telephone number. In the event that Deliverback needs additional details, it will contact you. 

4. Deliverback will use the personal data provided only for the purpose of providing the service to you. 

II. Object search procedure: 

5. The process of searching for an object includes the sending of e-mail messages and telephone communication by Deliverback to the relevant Police Department, the Airport and any other competent body deemed necessary to find the object.

 6. The Deliverback team in collaboration with the above agencies will verify the ownership of your lost item.

III. Fee for the claim process:

7. The fee for the item search service amounts to 15-20 euros depending on the airport and the partner services that Deliverback uses. The service includes all the above steps to find the item.

8. The cost does NOT include the cost of the transport company. 

Depending on the airport there are different transport companies where you can freely choose to send your item.

IV. Limitation of Liability - Items of low value

9. Due to the nature of the services provided, as a User you accept that there is no right of withdrawal.

10. The company takes all the necessary actions to immediately locate the object. However, in no case can it guarantee that the object will be found (and thus no claim fee can be refunded), its delivery time or that it will not have suffered any damage. The company is contractually bound with its partners to be able to minimize the above risks.

11. In particular, it is worth mentioning that police departments, due to storage problems and limited space in airport departments, do not usually keep low-value items (such as toys and clothes).