Developer Documenation

Developer Documenation for Partners API

Sandbox (Test) Environment URL

Production (Live) Environment URL:

Useful information:

- All API responses are in JSON

- When POST'ing data to our API, only JSON is accepted


Our API supports authentication using a single non-expiring API key which can be used the same way a Bearer Token would be structured.

Replace _YOUR_API_KEY_ with the API Key our customer support has provided.

Authorization: Bearer _YOUR_API_KEY_
Adding an inventory item – POST /partners/inventory

Here's a cURL example with just the REQUIRED properties to create an inventory item:

curl -X POST --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer _YOUR_API_KEY_' \
--data '{
    "item_description": "iPhone 15",
    "location_id": "_YOUR_LOCATION_ID_"

All possible values you can provide for an inventory are listed below:

    "item_description": "iPhone 15",
    "location_id": "_YOUR_LOCATION_ID_",
    "found_location": "swimming pool",
    "guest_name": "John Doe",
    "guest_email": "[email protected]",
    "guest_phone": "+306900000000",
    "reservation_name": "John Doe or 123TravelAgency",
    "room_number": "38F or Room 101 or Agamemnon",
    "checkout_date": "2024-01-10",
    "internal_notes": "Any notes that should be visible ONLY to hotel employees (not visible to the guest)"