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Deliverback is a software company that facilitates the shipping of items by providing an online service on its website. Deliverback is not a courier company. We work with all major courier companies (UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.) Deliverback does not come in physical contact with the items shipped. We provide an online service. Packaging is the responsibility of our partners (i.e. Hotels, Airlines, Airports). Shipping is the responsibility of the courier company (DHL, UPS, FedEx). Payment is the responsibility of the person using our online platform (user)Deliverback is engaged in the service of providing on-line software solutions and logistics. Deliverback as a solutions provider has engaged the services of a primary courier. Deliverback or its subsidiaries as service links are not liable for any service failure incurred by the primary courier and by the use of this website you indicate your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the courier’s terms and conditions, and you have entered into a legal binding agreement with Deliverback

Courier Conditions of Service

International refers to all worldwide destinations outside of the country where a shipment originates, unless otherwise stated. Package refers to any single container or envelope accepted by the courier for delivery. Receiver, Consignee, or Customer refers to the person to whom a Shipment is being sent. Shipment refers to one or more Packages moving under a single, shipping document. Customer refers to the party contracting with DELIVERBACK for services. Source Document means a computer document provided by DELIVERBACK for the purpose of shipping a Package. Rates refers to the online published rates of shipping for DELIVERBACK Services. Partner refers to the account holder with DELIVERBACK ie. Hotel, Airline, Airport, etc.

For further information about our terms & conditions please contact us by email : support@deliverback